Visionary Bodywork


Visionary Bodywork

Visionary Bodywork is a blend of Native American healing modalities, inner parts work with massage, bodywork. Sam works with his higher guidance to support the people on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The sessions are visionary work to receive information for the highest good for the client so one feels clear, centered and at peace in there body, mind & heart.

Clients can do the visionary work by itself for 1 hour or 1.5hrs. 

Clients can do bodywork with visionary work for 1.5 to 2 hours. 


Visionary Modalities:


Sam Garcia, offers whole life support through using shamanic tools, inner parts work, movement, life experiences and other practices. Sam’s practice supports the whole person in identifying and making changes both inner and outer.

Personal Relationships              Work 

Path & Purpose                        Life Dream

Spiritual Guidance                    Self Leadership

Sexuality                                 Empowerment 

Breaking Old Patterns

Internal Family Systems work:

A wonderful healing modality that connects the client to different parts within themselves. Sam helps facilitate the client to go inside their body to connect with different parts of them for a better understanding of who they are which allows for great healing.

-Mind & heart walk

Helps the client to connect with their life path and purpose.

-Extraction work

Clear negative energy from a client mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Restores the client to internal balance.

-Cord Cutting

Disconnects clients from old history with people that are no longer useful.  (Friends, family, work, associates, relationships etc)

-Shamanic Oracle Journey

Tunes with the clients masculin and femanin spirit guide to recieve guidance on what is needed for there life at this time.

-Pshyco Pump

Helping people that have passed away to cross into there next life.

-Medical intuitive work

Using the clients body wisdom to find out what to do for their health.

-Ancestral journey/Breaking Ancestral Patterns

Clearing old family patterns that are no longer needed, so that the client can be free and receive the gifts of their ancestors.


-Journey work to help find ones power animal.

Guided meditation to connect with ones own spirit animal for help, support, protection and strength.

Thank you, 

In Service and Gratitude

Sam Garcia Jr., Shamanic Practitioner, NLMP