Here are some client testimonials.  I am so grateful for these testimonials and honored to work with such great individuals. Click on this link to read them and feel free to write your own testimonial.

In Gratitude

  Sam Garcia, Jr. NLMP

-Sam's beautiful work and soul brought me back home and back to life. With Sam's mentoring and support I've been able to heal and change my life in so many positive ways I would have never imagined were possible. Sam carries great wisdom and medicine, which helps this world be a better place. I'm forever grateful to have this caring soul be one of the biggest parts of my healing journey.
Teresa. ♥️


-I think I have had just six sessions with you so far, Sam. I want to take a couple minutes to just express my gratitude for this time with you. I really did not know what to expect going into my first session. It turned out to be pretty major transformational work. You helped lead me through to a major spiritual blockage that had been locked in place for over 18 years. I am thinking that maybe because our first session was so powerful for me, it set the tone and the trust for further “big works”. I just know that what has happened is that I am deeply comfortable bringing the things to our sessions that feel like just too much to do on my own, the things that seem to be so much safer to do with a trusted guide.  I appreciate all that you bring to this work.  - with gratitude and huge thanks… xoxo Sue


-I first met Sam at a retreat that he was running with his partner Everett.  I loved his enthusiasm for life, he radiated joy.  I thought I am going to get me some of that.  After the retreat I asked Sam if we could work together.  Of course, he said yes, this is what Sam has dedicated his life to – helping people heal.

We started working together.  Sam always listened with compassion and then each and every time had the exact approach I needed.  I left each session feeling wholer, a part of me healed.  Each time another part would come up and Sam always had a way to lead me to deal directly with the part of me needing healing.

I would recommend Sam to anyone looking to finally heal the wounded parts from childhood, bad relationships or whatever trauma you may have experienced.  Sam will always come to every session with a compassionate heart, knowledge to help you heal your trauma and so much sincerity. 

Sam’s enthusiasm wears off on you very quickly.  I always looked forward to each session.  Sam makes it feel effortless while digging into some deep issues.  He just intuitively knows exactly the right approach or question to ask.  I may have cried at many sessions but always left smiling.