Spiritua Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship:


Sam offers whole-person support across several aspects of life. His mentorship will help you with life coaching, IFS work, physical movement exercises, shamanic spiritual tools. Shamanism is a cross cultural indigenous healing art form. Mentorship can help with areas of life including connection with the ones own version of the Divine empowerment, personal relationships, career, life purpose, self esteem and self leadership, sexuality, and breaking old limiting patterns.



60 min $125.

90 min $150.


Modalities used in Spiritual mentorship:


Internal Family Systems (IFS) Work:

This healing practice involves the psychological equivalent of a spiritual soul retrieval. Sam helps the clients to connect with their bodies and their memories in order to resolve competing aspects of their own mind and personality. For instance, a person may have a part of their personality that is very ambitious, while another part tends to procrastinate. Sam helps his clients connect with these parts of themselves and make peace with them, shifting them for the greater good of the complete person.


Extraction Work:

This modality clears negative energy from the client, restoring internal balance. Extraction work may deal with past traumas, addictions, compulsions, and other persistent issues that the client wishes to resolve.


Medical Intuitive Work:

Using the body itself as a guide, Sam helps clients identify what is needed for their health.


Cord Cutting:

This service disconnects clients from old relationships that no longer support them, from previous lovers to friends and family to business relationships.


Ancestral Journeys and Breaking Ancestral Patterns:

To free the client from negative family patterns, Sam clears certain ancestral energies that are no longer helpful, allowing the client to receive the gifts of their ancestors’ wisdom and strength instead.


Shamanic Oracle Journey:

This ceremony tunes into the client’s spiritual guides to receive guidance on what is needed for the client’s life at this time.



This ceremony helps those who’ve passed away cross fully into the next life. This can be done for loved ones as well as for lingering spirits in a location.


Journey Work to Find Power Animals:

These guided meditations connect the client with their animal spirit guides. Clients can build these relationships to ask their power animals for support, protection, strength, and inspiration.


I look forward to working wth you.

Sam Garcia JR.