Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

A Soul Retrieval is a form of shamanic healing practiced in several cultures. It restores parts of your complete self (aspects of the personality and soul) that have been lost due to past trauma. These essential parts of your well being can help return the balance of your body, mind, and soul. 


In a safe and private environment, Sam will ask you about aspects of your life that you wish to bring into balance and confidence. Topics include personal relationships, life challenges, anxieties, work and career, sexuality, and your sense of purpose. This conversation will help Sam find the areas of your psyche and soul that can be healed through this work.


A session often involves a ceremonial assistant (chosen by the shamanic practitioner) and an ally chosen by the client to help them through the process. Sessions are completed with a closing prayer, a short ritual to protect and anchor the returned parts of the complete self, and notes for the client. Aftercare will often involve plenty of rest and time to continue healing and integrating.


After a soul retrieval, clients may experience the benefits of:

*Increased joy and peace

*Greater self confidence and self care

*Feeling grounded and present in the moment

*Greater connection and confidence with your body

*Increased acceptance of yourself and others



$475.00, include one aftercare session.

2-4 hours depending on the work needed.



Thank your interest in this work. Please call 206.697.1357 for further details. 

Many Blessings