Compassionate Heart




 Compassionate Heart:

Men’s Circle for Wholeness and Authenticity in

Sexuality & Intimacy

with Sam Garcia (Facilitator,

Bodywork & Soul Healing Practitioner, NLMP)

+ Teaching Assistants





 Wednesday's, 6:30-9:30pm,

 October 5, 14, 19, 26, - November 2, 9, 16, 30, 

December 7 


Additional Integration Weekend Retreat,

December  16, 17, 18

Weekly classes at IntraSpace,

 3100 Airport Way S. Set 24-108

 Seattle, WA 98134

Integration Weekend Retreat

Location: Sahale Retreat Center, Tahuya, WA


        This 9 session men’s circle is designed for deep healing around sexuality: transforming fear, anger, shame, guilt, and all the things that keep men from having wholeness, authenticity, and intimacy with themselves and others.

          Men experience many different issues around intimacy. There are so many taboos on sexuality from community, family, and even our lovers. Intimacy outside of sex is also deeply affected. There are defenses and attempts at protection that avoid vulnerability and the intimacy that results from it. In the men’s circle, we will find clarity and bring together our bodies with our spirits for balance and wholeness.

           You can have a whole, empowered, unified sexuality and spirituality.

 Ask yourself:

“Where do I feel held back from a fulfilling, balanced, confident sexuality?”

“Does my body feel connected to my spirit? To my passions and my joy?”

“Am I willing to have an authentic, whole, compassionate sexuality within myself and with another?”

          The men’s circle is about unifying the heart, intimacy, sexuality, and spirituality, bringing all into balance on each level of the physical body. We create saftey, fullness and authenticity when men come together closely in a space of trust, learning how to show up fully present in intimacy with ourselves, with one another, and with the world.

          This 9-week men’s circle is available to adult men of all ages, sexualities and genders (Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Asexual, and Transgender people who identify as men), body types, races/ethnicities, cultures, and spiritualities.  All self-identified men age 18+ are welcome.  

        There will possibly be some nudity and physical contact in our activities.  Each person is invited to set the boundaries that are most comfortable to him.   We will strengthen our masculinity, sexuality, and spirituality through inner parts work, art, dance, and writing, i.e. exploring our various and conflicting desires, needs, fears, anger, shame, hurt etc.  


Classes are $75. per session, $675. for all 9 sessions.  

Early special $540. to be paid in full by September 30th.

Non-refundable Deposit: $150. to hold your space.

Sliding scale, payment arrangements available. Call Sam at 206.697.1357


      There will be an additional weekend retreat to integrate the learning from all sessions.  This weekend integration is really important for everyone, due to the culmination of the work we have been doing together and the bond we build is incredibly beautiful. 

Integration Retreat: $450.00

Includes: Workshop, Room & Board for 2 1/2  days

Location:  Sahale Retreat Center, Tahuya, WA



To register click on Client Forms on the home page of this website. You'll see Compassionate Heart, Men's Circle Registration Packet.

Contact Sam Garcia at and or 206.697.1357 with any questions and to reserve your place in this community.


Many Great Blessings & Love, 

Sam Garcia