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 Bright Line Eating – Maui Healing Retreat




Join Bright Line Eating’s Second Maui Healing Retreat!

Letting the Authentic Self Shine Through – February 12th – 19th, 2020

Retreat facilitators Everett Considine and Sam Garcia Jr.

Everett Considine and Sam Garcia invite you to Hale Akua Garden Farm and Eco-Retreat Center for the second healing retreat of the Bright Line Eating community! Enjoy seven days of healing sessions and spiritual development activities in the paradise of Maui, Hawai’i. Feast on BLE-designed meals created from organic foods grown on-site and locally sourced and prepared.   Deepen your understanding and relationship with your Authentic Self while strengthening connections within the community.


Relax into the care of Sam and Everett as they lead you through one-on-one work as well as group activities. This retreat will strengthen and add to the healing approaches you are learning with BLE. You will reconnect to your Authentic Self during this retreat. All human beings have been wounded in many ways. Is it any wonder that we’ve each developed protective layers between us and the outside world? We live behind a sophisticated protective system made of masks and shields. Instead of keeping us truly safe, this system actually cuts us off from joy, intimacy, authentic connection, and love.


Hale Akua, ground view

In this healing circle, we will use ritual, Internal Family Systems(IFS), body movement, and embodied healing techniques to address and heal these wounds. This allows our protective system to relax and allow the deep connection with life that we all crave.



Hale Akua, bird’s eye view


This retreat features:

  • Seven days of organic BLE meals
  • Internal Family Systems work
  • Exploration and connection with the seven core emotions
  • Soul Retrieval work
  • Guided healing rituals
  • Transformation movement processes
  • Group processes and one-on-one work with facilitators
  • Time and space for art and journaling
  • Fuller connections with others in the community

All of this is in the service of cultivating our relationship with Authentic Self to foster more joy, intimacy, authentic connection, and love in our lives. Check out this video of the island of Maui, and continue reading for more details below!


We only have space for 36 participants. Get your deposit in quickly to reserve your space.

Contact Sam Garcia (206) 697-1357 or

Total Cost for Retreat, Food, and Lodging

Cost for Retreat : $2497
Cost for Meals: $525
Cost for 7 nights of Lodging at Hale Akua from $490 – $1400 (all shared housing)
Cost for 7 nights of Lodging at Maui Eco-Retreat $973 – $1953 (single occupancy)

The lodging at Hale Akua is mostly shared and the most convenient as that is where the retreat is.  Maui Eco-Retreat has a limited number of single-occupancy rooms and is very close by (5-minute drive).  Maui Eco-Retreat rooms are more costly and not shared.
Total Cost $3612 to $5075 (depending on room choice/availability)

Lodging is paid directly to Hale Akua (First come, first serve)
Click here to book your room.
Most rooms are shared occupancy with other retreat members. If you have questions call Naia (808) 572-9300 at Hale Akua.

Limited Lodging is also available at Maui Eco-Retreat.
If you would like to make a reservation or have any additional questions call (808) 572-6006. These rooms contain one queen or king bed so they are single occupancy or available for people willing to share a bed.

You book and pay for your lodging directly with Hale Akuo or Maui Eco-Retreat. The retreat and food payments do not include the cost of lodging.

Use these buttons to make payments:

Non-Refundable $1000 Deposit
Combined Retreat and Food Payment Minus $1000 Deposit.
Combined Retreat and Food Payment
Food Payment
Spa services available at an additional cost (more info soon)

DATE & TIME DETAILS: Wednesday,  February 12th  (3-5PM Check-in) to Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 (11 am Check-out)

There will be a BLE dinner on February 12th and a BLE breakfast on February 19th with a boxed BLE to go lunch before you leave at 11 am.

LOCATION: Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat Center


ADDRESS: 110 Door of Faith Road, Haiku, Maui, HI



Everett Considine’s life has been dedicated to personal growth – both for himself and others. Everett has a diverse background that spans technology, business, spirituality, and psychology. In over 30 years of dedicated meditation and mindfulness practice, he found that Internal Family Systems (IFS) was the missing piece of the puzzle. IFS provides a nuanced language to address the deeper emotional issues that can be easily “bypassed” in many forms of personal growth. In the 9 years he has been working with IFS, Everett has seen amazing results both in his own life and the lives of his students and clients. He has been teaching classes on meditation and mindfulness for over 30 years and he has been teaching classes in IFS for the last 8 years with a private one-on-one practice as well. Everet has developed and facilitates the tremendously popular Bright Line Freedom program for Bright Line Eating.

Additional areas of expertise:
Initiated Buddhist monk and teacher with 15 years of Buddhist study
Certified Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practitioner (3-year program)
Certified Internal Family Systems practitioner
Developer (with Jay Earley) of “Self-Therapy Journey” – a guided self-help web application based on IFS and The Pattern System.
Technology company owner focusing on ecommerce and marketing automation
At the core, Everett is a heart-centered systems thinker who can break down and understand complex systems and then explain them to others with ease.


Sam Garcia Jr. is a spiritual teacher and mentor with over 20 years of experience as a nationally licensed massage therapist, shamanic practitioner (soul retrieval, etc.), a Transformational Soul Dance facilitator, and a cathartic facilitator. He has studied IFS (Internal Family Systems model) with Everett Considine, Jay Early, and Dina Rose Love. Sam is a long-time devotee to the daily practice of prayer and meditation, and he loves facilitating healing & empowering rituals. He’s eager to work with you in this retreat!

Sam has done extensive work on his own complex trauma and continues to do his personal work with the support of his teachers, mentors, and therapists. He is passionate about supporting people in their deep emotional and spiritual work, and he helps people work toward the life they really want: with self-love, honor, respect, joy, and integrity, and with great focus on living from the authentic self.

Additional areas of expertise:
Reiki Level I, II, and III Certification
Soul Dance facilitator
Transforming Trauma
Certified Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practitioner (5-year
5Rhythms Movement Meditation
Internal Family Systems (IFS)